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Hey DJs and those who want to be a DJ, here is your community the dj community for dj around the worldNow DJs from all over the world, from amateur to professional, meet on This dj-community gives you all the information and possibilities you want to publish, to show and present your music productions and to be listed in our booking agency The connections with all DJs go around the world and give you the opportunity to achieve something more. We also have a DJ web radio where you can play your music and present your new productions. Log in and start in the DJ Basic Level, which is free and will stay ... is the community where you can start. Synchronized with your profile, which is filled with your music or your blogs and all the information. With photos and videos from your DJ life, you can represent yourself as you want. Your fans will follow you and give you a voice for the DJ ranking in the category of music or DJ to gain your own place in the ranking. It is important that you create an interesting profile so that your profile and your music and videos are always up to date to get more fans to follow you. Funny, crazy or just totally crazy - on the internet there are lots of funny videos, of course, music clips. Here you can apply yourself and demonstrate your style of music.

If you have created a very special music production, we can publish it on our label SPOK-Media Records and we support you in advertising and targeted use in various sales portals. Register now and join! Here you follow the registration button: come in and sign in and open your dj profile for your new dj life

We report on the technology news and provide training and information on music selection and designing your DJ sets and show you how you can use the sound better, so you are always up to date as a DJ. We also offer new and used equipment and complete equipment for sale or for rent. If you are looking for something or want to sell something, is your adress. You can also offer your technique which you want to sell here. DJs from all over the world bring here their news contacts and experiences and exchange ideas.

It is possible that you can have your own radio station on this page in your profile to create their own music programs.
The site is multi-lingual, so your blogs can be offered in many languages, or they can easily be translated for the fans to reach even more fans and users.

The site is still under construction, but soon we are fully online, and then it starts! Now create your profile and be one of the first to advertise here ... Raise your hands in the air aaaannnndd !!! PARTYYY !!!